#OnlyClaire, Why House of Cards must be given a chance.

*SPOILER ALERT-This piece makes reference to key plot points and characters in Netflix’s House of Cards, including in the 5th Season*

First and foremost, I would like to explicitally state that should the allegations made regarding Kevin Spacey do prove to be true, then the actor should rightfully be condemned.

However, does House of Cards, the popular Netflix Series Spacey stars in deserve the same treatment? 

My answer? No. Definitely not.

The Past is a haunting figure, and something that cannot be simply shook off and forgotten about. Kevin Spacey and Frank Underwood are the newest additon of a Hollywood Blacklist that seems to be expanding every fortnight. Even in other media forms, the disgraced are given ‘Persona Non Grata’ and are never spoken of again, especially in a positive manner (e.g Chris Benoit, Jimmy Savile). In the wake of the Weinstein allegations that rocked the Industry just this past few months, and now the likes of Brett Ratner, Dustin Hoffman, and the aforementioned Spacey now all face these increasingly worrying and alarming accusations.

So, the question pondering around my mind is: why stop House of Cards? The best TV shows are the ones that are able to adapt and change (Doctor Who’s been doing it for 50 years, but the less said about the recent seasons, the better). And let’s admit it, if Robin Wright was to lead the cast of House of Cards for at least one more season, then no one would be complaining.

Whenever a character needs to be written off due to complicating backstage circumstances, this can be a difficult procedure for the writers. Yet, House of Cards has set itself up perfectly based off of Season 5’s Ending. Claire is President, and Frank is a guilty man. When Zoe Barnes got too powerful in Season 1 and 2, she met her untimely demise. And now? The train is on time for Frank…

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