Avengers Infinity War (2018): Review

Right, it’s taken a week to digest just what happened in Marvel’s latest blockbuster. A film 6 years in the making has high expectations, and seeing as a film’s quality nowadays depends on how many memes Twitter can make within 24 hours (I count 4. Kudos.)

So, just by watching the film, the titular “War” is fulfilled, with Thanos and his Children seeking to claim the Infinity Stones scattered across the Galaxy (two of which just so happen to be on Earth, what a coincidence) and complete Thanos’ plan for intergalactic genocide in the name of mercy and prosperity. Following “Civil War” and “Ragnarok”, it can only be expected that the incompetent Justice League can mend over their differences and assemble once again right? Right? Well, they don’t actually meet up altogether, with the Protagonists being divided to protecting the Mind Stone, the Eye of Agamotto, and helping Thor forge Disney’s new merchandise toy.

Like every other Marvel film, the comedic elements shine due to the odd variety cast. From Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt to Robert Downey Jr and Squidward Tentacles, there’s clear chemistry on display in a film that threatened to be too intertwined and off focus with a plethora of heroes and villains (if only the Amazing Spider-Man 2 could cope with this). One of my main criticisms of the film is the presentation of the antagonist Thanos as somehow both genocidal super being intent on power and destruction, as well as a sympathetic father figure who openly weeps and mourns deaths he himself caused. Whilst Josh Brolin is clearly talented (as he should also exhibit as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel), there was something lacking in Thanos’s character that didn’t make him as convincing or defined as a villain as say Loki, Vulture, or Killmonger-in my eyes, you can’t have a character who kills literally half of those on a Planet come across as being anything but a maniacal, power-hungry antagonist.

The main qualm out of the way, I believe we should all admire how Infinity War was a strong return to form for a stagnant Marvel in terms of their non-standalone films. With Iron Man 3, AoU, and Civil War disappointing many for oversaturated plot and character arcs, Infinity War is a welcome return to the high standards. Sure, the film’s ending is not conclusive and is merely established IW as a 2+ hour prelude for its sequel(s), one cannot deny that the film captivates, engages, and evokes emotion in an audience that has perhaps not been felt since the first Avengers film.

With Captain Marvel on the horizon, another element is added to the mix on just how the climactic ending of Infinity War will be resolved. I for one anticipate it greatly. And the memes, of course we anticipate those aswell.

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