Daredevil Season 3: review-the hero Netflix may not deserve, but the one it needs.

Yes, that’s a DC film reference in the title there, it just works alright.

The third season of Daredevil was released in the midst of a period of scrutiny for Marvel’s Netflix branch. The much panned Iron Fist and the rather praised Luke Cage were both cancelled by the streaming giant, and as if it was an act of Thanos, the MTU had been cut in half in an instant. Daredevil had to deliver to keep faith in the quality of Marvel’s Netflix shows as more and more interest grows in Disney’s own streaming service to rival the platform.

And deliver it does. Season 3 follows the aftermath of the Defenders (where Matt Murdock’s blind vigilante is believed dead by Karen Page and Foggy Nelson) and takes clear inspiration from the original ‘Born Again’ saga in the comics: Murdock descends into a revenge-driven recluse as Wilson Fisk (in another Emmy-worthy performance by Vincent D’onofrio) begin to regain his power as the Kingpin of New York. Side plots include the character of FBI agent Ray Nadeem: an FBI agent blackmailed and manipulated into becoming just another of Fisk’s Pawns, and the rising threat of Agent Benjamin Poindexter, who is moulded into Kingpin’s personal assassin driven by his own loneliness and sociopathy.

This Season continues the positive trends found in Seasons 1 and 2: from incredible fight scenes (just watch episode 4’s one take prison sequence) to emotionally driven character development (Charlie Cox is able to easily switch between a weakened, scarred Murdock to the malicious and violent Man without Fear that we see him become in the final episode). Daredevil knows what it has done right in the past, and turns it up to 11 in quality and excellence.

Whilst some hail this series as the most consistently good superhero TV show ever, it is not without criticism. A lack of cameos from important secondary characters like the Punisher, the other Defenders, or even Elektra (she may have survived the destruction of Midland Circle) is not helped by weak character development in the likes of Father Lantom or Vanessa, who appears to be the sole reason any events occur in season 3.

Daredevil must now become the signature series for Netflix: having lost 2 Marvel Series and House of Cards, whilst every person on Twitter seeming to be infatuated with reruns of The Office, a consistently excellent superhero series shows the streaming giant can still produce top quality TV content.

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