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Jaspar has been running this site since the Summer of 2018, and over the past 2 years has worked with some of Manchester’s biggest companies and brands, as well those closer to home in the North East.

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Jaspar Shepherdson is a journalist based in the Manchester area

As a 3rd year journalism student at the University of Salford, I am keen for new opportunities to write, produce content, and relay stories and information out to as many people as possible. Though I specialise in sports journalism, I have an avid interest in covering politics, media, and technology, and welcome all any and all opportunities to do so.

Some of my very best work:

Past Experience

Manchester United Football Club
(November 2020)
Produced a variety of articles for the club, one of the biggest in all of sport. From fixture coverage to quote pieces, this was a fantastic opportunity to hone my skills to an industry standard.

(September 2019-present)
My primary role has been as a reporter for Salford Now, but I have often been called upon to fulfil other roles and responsibilities. Producing infographics, monitoring social media, maintaining live content, and even stepping up to an editorial role and overseeing the entire workflow of the Salford Now team.

(August 2020-present)
Here I produce the occasional opinion piece on the state of my local football team, Newcastle United. Taking a more impartial view than most other writers, I have learned how to best incorporate stats and opinions into my work, and I aim to continue producing content for the site in the future outside of my current obligations to Salford Now.

DEPT Agency
(March 2020)
I was invited by DEPT to cover Manchester’s Digital Cities Festival, which saw major brands and household names like the Co-Op deliver conferences and provide interviews on their future and brand new approach to technology.

Recent News

Hundreds protest in Manchester once more against the government’s controversial ‘Police and Crime’ bill

Saturday afternoon saw hundreds gather in Manchester City Centre to protest the government’s controversial ‘Police and Crime’ bill, just one of many to have taken place in 25 UK Cities. It’s yet another weekend of action at St Peter’s Square,…

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